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Fish Delish brings a breath of fresh air to the street food scene with creative reinterpretations of traditional fish recipes.



Fish Delish - The Innovative Street of Fish Preparations

Fish Delish brings a breath of fresh air to the street food scene, with creative reinterpretations of traditional fish recipes.

Established in 2020 in Murter, Fish Delish prepares and serves a variety of mouth-watering dishes based on fresh fish and seafood, including:

  • Succulent tuna, salmon or shrimp burgers
  • Sandwiches with tuna, octopus or salmon carpaccio
  • Nutritious salads with shrimp, tuna or salmon
  • Snacks such as fried calamari, tempura or puff pastry rolls

All our dishes have an innovative twist and an attractive presentation, designed to pleasantly surprise customers.

Fish Delish - Innovative Franchise of Fish Preparations in the Street Food System

Fish Delish brings fish dishes back into fashion through creative street food reinterpretations. Inspired by international culinary trends, the brand combines fresh local ingredients in a unique way.

-Visually appetizing recipes with fish, seafood, vegetables and special dressings

-Quick preparation and serving, ideal for outdoor walks or terraces

✅ Successful franchise model launched in 2020 in Murter, Croatia

-Scalable concept with rapid potential for national and regional expansion

Fish Delish Turnkey Franchise Includes:

-Ongoing training and support from the founders

-Support in identifying and setting up the location

-Fully equipped and attractively designed unit

-Detailed recipe manuals and operational procedures

Choose to be part of the Fish Delish success story! Open your own street food establishment with innovative fresh fish dishes and enjoy the support of a team of specialists.

FISH DELISH franciza

FISH DELISH offers its franchisees several business models depending on the shape of the commercial space, which mainly depends on the chosen location.

  1. "STANDALONE" UNIT Acquisition of the franchise business model based on “turnkey” includes the “standalone” container unit fully equipped with all professional equipment, with interior design according to the visual identity of the brand, ready to start the business. This type of container unit with a “standalone” it is suitable for large and small tourist centers and is equipped with all the necessary equipment to prepare all the dishes in our offer.
  2. UNIT "STANDALONE" WITH LIMITED FOOD OFFER The acquisition of the franchise business model, in this case, is the same as previously described. The only difference is that this container unit is intended to be located near or on a beach, where the food offering is limited to burgers, sandwiches and fish and chips, and the unit itself is smaller and equipped with the necessary professional equipment. All of the above are optional and suitable for expanding the offer if needed.
  3. STORE The acquisition of the franchise business model in a commercial space is fully adapted and designed according to the recognizable visual identity of the brand. It is adapted for larger tourist centers, places and cities, as well as for activity throughout the day, and the menu itself has been expanded with a special segment for breakfast.

Contact us for details or to schedule a concept presentation meeting!


  • 50800 Price - with franchise tax:   50800
  • 1 an Investment Recovery Period::   1 an
  • 5.5% Royalty fee:   5.5%
  • 2% Advertising fee:   2%
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes
  • Yes Information disclosure document:   Yes
  • Yes Continuous Support::   Yes

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