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Franchise courses

franciza cursuri

Franchise Academy: Transform Your Business into an International Success

The Franchise Academy courses are supported by a team of top trainers, both from Romania and abroad, accredited specialists in the field.

The teaching staff consists of franchise consultants with extensive experience, business lawyers, successful managers, entrepreneurs who have developed their own franchise networks.

In this way, the student benefits from concrete examples, best practices tested in reality, advice that can be immediately applied in their own business.

Courses take place online, on the Better Future Edu platform, created specifically for higher education. The platform has modern information transmission technologies, allows direct interaction with trainers, contains evaluations and deepening resources.

Better Future Edu was developed with non-refundable European funds, applying the latest research in adult learning methods. The platform is accredited according to European quality standards in e-learning.

Registration for the Franchise Academy courses can be done quickly, online. Trainers are then available to provide personalized support throughout the learning programme.


In the course for franchisors you will learn

How to create a franchiseHow to create a franchise

Subject Assessment of the business model and its adaptation for the franchise system Details Establishing the package of products/services that will be offered in the franchise network. Setting up operational logistics and financial flows in the network. Defining brand standards, interior/exterior design, standard operating procedures.

Legal aspects of the franchiseLegal aspects of the franchise

Subject Franchise agreement - essential clauses regarding the rights and obligations of the parties Details Brand registration and intellectual property protection. Settlement of disputes between franchisor and franchisee, alternative mediation procedures.

How to avoid fatal mistakesHow to avoid fatal mistakes

Subject Overestimating business scalability Details Too little investment in initial training and ongoing support. Failure to adapt the concept to the requirements of the local market. Lack of a realistic financial plan, insufficient cash-flow.

Franchise MarketingFranchise Marketing

Subject Integrated marketing campaigns to attract franchisees Details Using online channels, social networks, referrals. Organization of professional events, workshops, webinars. How to find your franchisee: Defining the "ideal profile" of candidate, depending on the industry. Background check of candidates and their financial creditworthiness. Assessment of entrepreneurial skills and extended motivation.


To obtain complete information about the structure and content of the Franchise Academy courses, the best option is to contact the Association directly Franchise Romanian.

Our specialists are at your disposal to answer any questions and to guide you in choosing the study program that suits your needs:

  • ☑ If you are just starting out and want to learn the basics of franchising
  • ☑ If you already have a business and are considering expanding through a franchise system
  • ☑ If you represent an experienced company and intend to start a new franchise project
  • ☑ Whatever stage you are in, we can recommend the right educational program for you.

Contact us by email at [email protected] to request complete details about the franchise curriculum.

Specify your interests and a specialist will contact you shortly to present the available options.

We welcome you to be part of our community!