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Franchise development capabilities



Our operating principle in Franchise Development is this: "If You Fail To Plan, You Are Planning To Fail". Working with us means that you have the entire spectrum of our franchise development capabilities at your disposal. We don't do anything unless it revolves around sharpening, improving and simplifying your franchise business. Here are the key components of our framework:

1. System Conceptualization

According to a study made in the USA by Timothy Bates, an economist at Wayne State University, only 62% of franchised businesses survived after 4 years, while 68% of independent small businesses were still open. And independent businesses were much more profitable. Profitability was actually negative, on average, for franchised companies over the four years. From our experience, many franchises go wrong because they started on the wrong path, with the wrong system. Our responsibility is to ensure that you go through a thorough brainstorming and introspection process (to strategize for the long term, to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses) before crystallizing the franchise concept with you.

2. Building the Infrastructure

A building with a poor foundation will not withstand tremors well. It will eventually crack and collapse. Our responsibility is to ensure you have the proper infrastructure in place so that your franchise can provide reliable support services for both your corporate stores and franchisees' stores, locally and internationally, in the long run.

3. Financial Modelling

It is not enough to start a business with great enthusiasm. Realistic projections based on strict criteria must be adhered to so that everyone involved will know what resources are needed before they commit to the relationship. The figures must be well documented. Our real experience in managing franchises before becoming franchise strategists has been and will continue to be valuable in this regard.

4. Operational Feasibility

The franchisee must be guided in such a way that the entire network functions in a unified, consistent, reinforcing manner, achieving the results envisioned during the planning stage. A thick and colorful manual does not necessarily mean it is useful to the franchisee!

5. Legal Agreements

We work with reputable law firms to ensure that your concerns and needs are properly considered without making the terms and conditions unnecessarily burdensome on franchisees.

6. Marketing Campaigns

We can help you effectively promote your franchise through:

- A global network with partners in over 60 countries
- Marketing communications resources such as the magazine of the Romanian Franchise Association; the company's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages; exhibition booths at many franchise-related exhibitions in Europe and beyond every year; a solid database of potential franchisees; etc.
- The laser-focused commitment to help you find the franchisee profile you are looking for.

7. Franchise Audits

Because things are moving at such a fast pace, and competition is getting fiercer, established franchisors will find it useful to have a "health check" every few years. We will objectively analyze your existing operations and propose improvements so that you grow from strength to strength.

8. Feasibility Studies

Not every well-known concept will be successful in every market. Proper analysis will save you, as the franchisor, and the franchisee lots of time, money and energy in case the chances of success in the market in question are extremely low. Conversely, a not-so-well-known franchise can fly high in another market because of other incredibly positive factors. Our in-depth feasibility studies will increase your chances of success in new markets.

9. Project Management

We have a team of experienced consultants with real franchise management experience who can help you as the franchisor and/or franchisee set up and run the business day-to-day on a short-term contract basis. This may include piecemeal jobs such as updating Operations Manuals, launching a new product or service, etc.

10. Other services

We can act as the franchisor's representative in several areas:

  • Enforcing terms stated in the franchise agreement concerning termination of a franchisee based in Romania or other countries in the area.
  • Carrying out other tasks after reaching an agreement with the franchisor on the scope of work and the consideration thereof.


Our operating principle in Franchise Brokerage is: "Success Depends On What You Know As Well As Who You Know". Whether you want to recruit more franchisees or invite investors to take equity in your current business, our team in Bucharest and our overseas strategic partners can help you find the right fit based on the criteria you have given. Our time-tested strategies and various marketing platforms have proven to be effective.


Our principle in franchise management is: "You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure". That's why we have developed our own proprietary franchise management system called Blue Standard to ensure you always have visibility into what is happening within your franchise network, managing both emerging opportunities and problems. The Blue Standard franchise management system includes the following modules:

  • Onboarding Protocols
  • Performance Management
  • Communications Hub This system will help make the franchisor and franchisees more effective in critical areas such as sales and task tracking, financial performance, operations, feedback etc.

OUR SERVICES: Franchise Strategic Consulting

Our company provides comprehensive consulting for the successful development and management of franchise-based businesses. We have extensive experience in the field and use the latest digital tools to help you expand your business, increase profits and strengthen the brand long-term.

As franchise strategists, we ensure we get a complete picture of your business and then jointly develop strategic plans for each area, from concept to legal, marketing, financial, operational aspects. We stand by you every step of the way.

We rely on solid principles: detailed planning, continuous measurement of progress, establishing long-term partnerships. Thus, we help you make the best decisions to expand the business as a successful franchise.