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Franchise Tradition und Markt, #79

Franchise Christmas Village - profitable concept of seasonal events

Do you want to become an entrepreneur in a dynamic and creative industry? The Christmas Village franchise, based on the German concept of traditional winter markets, gives you the opportunity to organize successful events in any season.



Franchise Christmas Village - profitable business with themed events

The Christmas Village brings the magic of the winter holidays to a successful entrepreneurial concept based on the European tradition of Christmas markets.

History of the concept in Romania

The unique Tradition und Markt traveling fair concept

Tradition und Markt is a Romanian company specialized in organizing unique and unforgettable events for communities throughout Europe. The company has developed a modular and innovative Christmas Market, made of solid wood and easy to assemble and disassemble, which can be adapted to almost any marked event.

Business model for the Christmas Village franchise

The franchise includes a complete package that includes know-how, branding customization, promotional materials, modular stands, consulting in the local implementation of the event, etc.

At the end of the operating period, the franchisor takes over the equipment, allowing the seasonal event to resume in subsequent years.

Estimates show that the investment can be fully recouped in a single season, providing significant net profit for reinvestment in expanding the business.

Consolidated know-how for large-scale events

Our experienced team, with dozens of projects organized in Europe, offers you all the necessary support - from concept, branding and execution to the effective promotion of each individual event.

Full flexibility in organizing themed festivals

Our modular system allows you to adapt the Christmas Village to local specifics or for occasions such as wine festivals, beer festivals, electronic music, city days etc. The creative possibilities are endless!

So, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want a profitable business in an ever-growing field, the Christmas Village franchise is worth considering.

The multi-customizable modular system

The structure made of solid wood allows the configuration of 25-300 individual stands or integrated assemblies in various forms. The entire complex can be covered with special structures, being equipped with heating systems and protective flooring.

Each fair can include socializing areas, themed attractions, the concept being ideal for historic central squares or parks.

Quick to assemble, easy to transport

The company estimates a range of 6-8 days for setting up an average market and 2-3 days for disassembly and relocation. This allows the organization of traveling fairs in various locations for shorter periods of 1-2 weeks.

Through its flexibility and mobility, the modular Tradition und Markt concept opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and communities to experience the charm of the fairs of old.

  •   Registered in RNF  true
  •   ARF Member  true
  • 75000 Price - with franchise tax:   75000
  • 2 year Investment Recovery Period::   2 year
  • 120000 Estimated Profits::   120000
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes
  • Yes Information disclosure document:   Yes
  • Yes Continuous Support::   Yes

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