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Kutu Franchise - Income Generating Smart Lockers, #67



Discover Kutu, the innovative cloud-based locker platform through which entrepreneurs from all over the world are invited to join as franchisees. With ready-to-use customizable lockers and ready-to-use software, 24/7 accessibility and simple mobile transactions, Kutu offers an unparalleled opportunity to redefine convenience and generate revenue with minimal effort.



Kutu Franchise

Kutu presents an exciting franchise opportunity for our cloud locker platform. Our lockers, accessible through an easy mobile application, redefine the concept of modern storage. With customizable options and 24/7 availability, Kutu lockers offer unparalleled comfort. Users can pay securely through mobile devices, increasing customer satisfaction. Our globally applicable model ensures revenue generation anywhere. Join us to access a global market and offer innovative storage solutions. Embrace the future of storage with Kutu - your way to a successful franchise business!

Welcome to Kutu: Open an Income Stream with Kutu Modern Locker Franchise.

Comfort meets profit

At Kutu, we are revolutionizing storage comfort through our innovative cloud locker platform. Our customizable lockers, accessible 24/7 via a friendly mobile app, redefine modern storage experiences. No downloads required - simply rent lockers easily and securely from your mobile device.

Why Kutu?

  • Innovative Cloud Technology - Kutu uses the latest cloud technology, ensuring simple and real-time locker rentals.
  • Custom Solutions - Our lockers are fully customizable, allowing franchisees to adapt the size and quantity according to local demand, maximizing income potential.
  • Mobile Payment Convenience - Allows users to pay quickly and securely through mobile devices, increasing overall customer satisfaction and boosting revenue flow.
  • Global Accessibility - Kutu Lockers are ready to generate income anywhere in the world.

Become a franchisee and access a global market eager for safe and smart storage solutions.

  • Proven Business Model - Kutu offers a proven and profitable business model with a track record of success in the storage industry.
  • Complete Support - Benefit from our dedicated support system, including training, marketing assistance and ongoing operational guidance.
  • Job Opportunity - Join Kutu and embark on a profitable journey in the fast-growing field of smart storage.

Become a Kutu franchisee and be at the forefront of the warehouse revolution!


  • Innovative Locking Technology - Access to the Kutu platform...
  • Custom Locker Options - Franchisees can adapt...
  • Friendly Mobile App - A lightweight mobile app that allows customers to...
  • Mobile Payment System - Integrated mobile payment system...

This complete franchise offer provides entrepreneurs with the tools and technology necessary to develop a successful business.


  • 2000 Price - with franchise tax:   2000
  • 3 months Investment Recovery Period::   3 months
  • 10% + POS commission Royalty fee:   10% + POS commission
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes
  • Yes Information disclosure document:   Yes
  • Yes Continuous Support::   Yes

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