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Petland is a privately owned operator and franchisor of pet stores based in Chillicothe, Ohio. Ed Kunzelman founded the company in 1967. Petland currently operates 131 stores in the United States, and at least 63 in foreign markets including South Africa, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil and El Salvador.

“Our pet counselors are dedicated to matching the right pet with the right customer and meeting the needs of both. To our customers who already have pets, we are dedicated to enhancing their knowledge and enjoyment of the human-animal bond.”



Currently, Petland owns 131 stores in the United States and at least 63 abroad, in South Africa, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, and El Salvador.

Sales of over 300 million dollars in Petland stores

Petland's products and services accumulate annual sales of approximately 300 million dollars in the USA, South Africa, Canada, Japan, and Mexico. Among the items sold are birds, fish, small animals, puppies, and kittens.

How much does the Petland franchise cost?

Petland has a franchise fee of up to $40,000, and the total initial investment starts from $280,000 and can reach up to $1,034,000.


Initial franchise fee: $40,000 USD
Ongoing royalty fee: 4.5%

petland franchise


On-the-job training: up to 266 hours
Classroom training: up to 56 hours
Additional training: in-store training
Number of employees required to operate: 18

Petland - The Franchise that Successfully Combines Business with a Passion for Animals

By becoming a Petland owner, you will experience the satisfaction of combining an entrepreneurial career with a love for animals. Customers find not only food, accessories, and care for their pets here but also advice from professionals who share the same compassion.

Four decades of know-how and innovation in pet shops

The Petland franchise was born in 1967 from the Kunzelman family's vision to prioritize the welfare of animals and their owners. We have developed a unique system that offers long-term success.

Key benefits for Petland franchisees

  • Continuous advice from a team of specialists
  • Detailed pre- and post-opening training
  • Opportunities for national and international expansion
  • Strong community of franchisees

Real support for reaching Petland's full potential means more than just a business - it means entering a global family united by a dedication to the comfort of animals.

  • 280000 Price - with franchise tax:   280000
  • 4.5% Royalty fee:   4.5%
  • Yes Estimated Profits::   Yes
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes
  • Yes Information disclosure document:   Yes
  • Yes Continuous Support::   Yes

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