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Bella Italia Romania, #56

Discover the Bella Italia franchise, the first Romanian pizzeria brand with a successful business model. Innovation, quality and support in opening your business.



Bella Italia Franchise: The Success of Your Business in the World of Romanian Pizzerias

Franchise Bella Italia: A Success Story in Romanian Gastronomy Established in 1999 and transformed in 2005 into the first 100% Romanian restaurant/pizzeria franchise, Pizzeria Bella Italia has become a benchmark in national gastronomy. Our brand has won the hearts of consumers throughout the country, offering an authentic Italian culinary experience.

Bella Italia Franchise Advantages: Your Success Model By becoming an entrepreneur under the Bella Italia umbrella, you enjoy a proven business model, with successful strategies and constant support in managing your business. Our nationally recognized brand will open the doors to your success in the pizzeria industry.

Efficient Marketing and Sustainable Development The Bella Italia franchise comes with well-structured and efficient promotion systems, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the worry of large marketing budgets. You will receive full assistance in the development of the location, from its selection to the implementation of our innovative concept.

Why choose Bella Italia?

  • Eligibility in the START UP program 
  • Pizza - the number one fast food product globally
  • Multiple sales channels: in-store, take-away, home delivery
  • Various franchise options: Restaurant, Drive Thru, Pizza Express
  • Full integration into digital marketing
  • Profitability of 20%
  • Strong and recognizable brand
  • Verified business on the Romanian market for 21 years
  • Fast ROI - return on investment in just 18 months

Choose the Bella Italia Pizza Express franchise, proven to be the most successful business on the Romanian market. Come with us and be part of the success of a franchise with tradition and innovation!

  •   Registered in RNF  true
  •   ARF Member  true
  • 50000 Price - with franchise tax:   50000
  • 1 Investment Recovery Period::   1
  • 2% Royalty fee:   2%
  • 2% Advertising fee:   2%
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes
  • Yes Information disclosure document:   Yes
  • Yes Continuous Support::   Yes

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