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STARTIMOB® was born in Brașov with full Romanian capital and very quickly became the market leader in the city at the foot of Tâmpei. It aims to expand nationally through franchising and the efficient work system, developed in almost 30 years of uninterrupted practical experience. During all this time we have managed to learn from mistakes and go through all situations so that now, we offer customers the best service in the industry.


Address Strada Verii 1, Brașov

Purpose: Franchise sale

The ideal surface: Less than 50m2

Represented: Franchisor

Franchise location: Salaj

Views Counter: 481


STARTIMOB franchise

We specialize in representing the selling client and pride ourselves on a high standard of professional practice with a transaction rate of over 97%. The way we run our business is based on reputation and referral. For us a satisfied customer is much more important than a transaction. In this sense, we strive to serve the interests of our customers so that they are satisfied and recommend us whenever they have the opportunity! The services we offer within the STARTIMOB® company are based on long experience and thousands of transactions concluded with success in a dynamic and somewhat atypical market, such as the one in Romania. Our mission is to protect our clients every day from the risks that can intervene in real estate transactions! We want to inform our clients what has been sold recently and what is now on sale, to help them make a decision that is right and in their best interest. Once the decision to sell has been made, we will help them with the development of the marketing plan, its implementation, the qualification of potential buyers, negotiation in their interest, as well as the sale of the property in the shortest possible time, at the best price in the market and in the best trading conditions!

Our vision: We want to create a standard in real estate consulting services in Romania and help our clients make responsible and documented decisions!

Our mission: Our mission is to protect our clients every day from the risks that can intervene in real estate transactions!

Our values: Seriousness, Competence, Respect, Initiative, Continuous education, Standard maintained!

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Calculator de Rentabilitate Franciză

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