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Susținut de Asociatia Nationala a Expertilor in Constructii

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Services offered by franciza.org.ro

Franciza.org.ro - The Platform that Transforms Entrepreneurial Dreams into Reality

Franciza.org.ro is a project supported by the Romanian Franchise Association, dedicated to connecting successful franchisors with suitable business partners. We are proud to be the pioneers of the first online platform specialized in the domestic franchise market, setting a new standard in the industry.

Franciza.org.ro: Innovative Project Supported by the Romanian Franchise Association

Through the portal, future entrepreneurs have instant access to hundreds of franchise business opportunities, verified and classified according to various criteria. Thus, the investment decision becomes much easier and informed.

The  Franchise Portal - Everything One Click Away

➡️ Quickly compare dozens of franchise sheets and identify the most suitable deal.

➡️ Download the franchisors' extensive offers directly in PDF format.

➡️ Request additional information and clarify any ambiguities.

➡️ Evaluate your target locations with the profitability and commercial VAD calculators.

Essential Resources for Franchise Entrepreneurs:

  • Financial plans, marketing budgets, employee motivation strategies
  • Guidelines for expansion, scalability, fundraising
  • Useful Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, Franchise Description Templates


Join the Franciza.org.ro community today to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality!